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Number One In Tha Hood, G

What happened to the beauty I had inside of me?

18 October 1978
The reason I am even doing this almost evades me. I'm not quite sure why I am able to reveal all I am revealing to a large amount of people. Then again, maybe I'm only revealing this to one person, in the hopes that I'll have finally found what I'm looking for. Then again, that could be all bullshit.

abandonment, abnormality, absinthe, adam clayton, alan ball, alan moore, andrew wk, animation, anime, autopsies, batman, beauty, blades, blood, bloodletting, bones, bono, books, boots, carly hennessy, cerebrospinal fluid, chloroform, city of heroes, classical music, coil, comics, composers, conclave obscurum, creating, cutting, daggers, darkness, david fincher, deadwood, dean martin, death, delirium, deloreans, depression, despair, destruction, directing, disappearing completely, drawing blood, dreams, drew carrey, drums, drunken love, dvds, edge, emotional downpours, entropy, eschew, ether, explosions, fatalism, fetishes, fight club, films, flesh, forensic science, frank miller, frank sinatra, garth ennis, goth girls, graphic novels, halloween, heavy machinery, incurable emotional trauma, infatuations, insanity, jack the ripper, jim henson, john woo, knives, larry mullen jr., latex, leather, love, maleficent, max payne, medieval torture devices, meticulousness, michael bay, monsters, morbidity, moulin rouge, movies, mp3s, my queen, neil gaiman, noise, october, oral fixation, pain, pensiveness, people watching, pinball, posters, preacher, prosthetics, quantum leap, razors, red heads, requiem, revenge, richard jeni, rob zombie, sammy davis jr., scalpels, scary sounds, serial killers, seven, short films, shuddering at your touch, simpsons, six feet under, solitude, spider-man, stiletto heels, storytelling, sugar, superman, suspense, swords, synthesis, synthetics, systematic detachment, the iron giant, the macabre, the muppets, the sandman, the truman show, theatre, time travel, torture, transmogrification, truth, u2, vast, vinyl, violent love, white zombie, wind, wine, women, writing, xbox, xbox 360