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Circle Of Friends Or A Man With Too Much Time On His Hands

Man, this took a while. Writing a poem useing the names of those who've added me as a friend. I had the idea while I was driving home from work today, although I have no clue why. Anyway, hope nobody's offended by it or anything. If you are, I'm sorry. I guess maybe this creative overflow may have gotten the best of me. I don't know. But again, I hope no one's offended by this. It's simply for fun. Although those last few words are very true. Thank you.

It's Chaotic

My Cheap Slut Savior
For I provide many
with my sexual favors

Your my Zombie Slave
My Sour Girl
I can't live without you
In my world

Morbid Lust
is what you seek
It's your Angelic Destiny
Katerized between your thighs
And Julie upon her knees

The winds of Windsor Flash by
Like the Tanz from the Sun
They both leave you breathless
as an Autumn Person

Alexa, she knelt
Before the Angel Of Flesh
Crying and Crying
It was all she had left

Forty days passed
Like a Switchanmorata
The Queen Of Ennui was there
And the Mental Floss Doctor

And so this must end,
but not where it began
And I almost forgot
About the Psycho Raven

You've all made me your friend
In all your own ways
And I shall remain so,
through out all of my days.

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