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No reason. I just do. It's weird, I know, but oh well.

I hate some people. Well, there's actually quite a few who I hate, but then there's this category off to the side of people whom I hate with passion. But the difference between feeling hate towards a child murderer or the like and the previously mentioned category is that I have no reason to hate them.

The list is a short one pretty much. But there nonetheless. These are people whom I wish horrible things upon. People that honestly, if something horrible were to happen to them (i.e. car wreck, death of a loved one, whatever), I would want to laugh in their face.

And although I want bad things to happen to these people, I will not go out of my way to make them happen. In fact, I'd rather not be involved at all in their dismay, but rather display my emotions of joy in front of them because of it.

That is a flaw within me. It really is. I don't want to hate these people but I do. Something inside or whatever just makes me so angry with them for no reason at all, and that can be confusing, but I have learned to just accept it and go on about my life or whatever.

I monitor these people (and yes, I know I am giving away strategy or whatever, but seeing as how I have no reason to hate these people, they should at least know that I keep tabs on them), and I sit...waiting for that moment of dismay to occur. That moment their world crashes down on top of them. I don't live my life around them or anything...just check up's here and there.

Some of them know I hate them, some don't. A rule I like to live by: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

That can be hard though. With the amount of disgust I have with these people (and they aren't a these people, I mean the people I hate for no reason at all) it's hard to really be around them and holding back the urge to slit their throat. Course, now that I think about it...slitting their throats would be too quick. With the amount of hate in me for them, I'd most likely make them suffer through all kinds of things. And those things would depend on them. By monitoring these people, I can read them in a way and understand, a little, how they tick and what makes them tick. So, depending on that would depend on the way I would hurt them. But that is all beside the point as I keep myself pretty distant for the most part....only coming in close contact with them as need be and even then for a very shot amount of time.

If yer wondering........chances are if yer on my friend list here, I don't feel this way about you. Then again, I keep my friends close and know the rest. *grin*
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