AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Dear Friends of Scott,

Scott's sleeping at the moment. I just wanted to stop by real quick to say thank you to everyone who was so concerned about me with my recent illness. In case maybe you were wondering, I'm doing somewhat better. I think whatever Scott gives me before he disappears in the mornings and what he gives me when he suddenly returns in the evening is helping. I'm still not very hungry and sometimes fall over now and then, but I think I am getting better. This thing on my ass keeps moving back and forth which is more than it was doing before he took me to that place. I just don't have the energy to chase it at the moment, so I'll just let it keep moving and think it's winning. I'll get it one day though.

Scott is also very thankful for all the well wishes he got during this as well. He told me last night how everyone was thinking of me and him. So, thank you again.

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