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What The Fuck?

Ever since I wrote that poem the other day, it's been coming out of my mind in buckets. Amazing for me, really. The last poem I wrote before I started on lj was back when my mother died. About a year after actually, so around 97, 98 or so. Now I can't quit. Today I've written 4. No wait, I've written 4 in the past 8 hours. Maybe for some of you this is nothing, but for me it is. It would take me 6 months to write 4 poems normally. It used to take major events happening in my life to get me to write a, it's nothing. Words will flood my mind. I've even caught myself trying to think of other things when I had nowhere to write down the words. If any of you read "Sandman", there was a story in one of those books about a man who stole a Muse (Personally, I have a Muse, I think). He abducted her and kept her in his apartment. He was a writer who'd gotten lucky with his first book, as it became a hit. When the publishers wanted more, he couldn't come up with anything. After stealing the Muse, ideas started coming to him and he was able to finish his book. Well, eventually the Muse was rescued, but as punishment, the writer was granted what he wanted. Ideas. Stories. Anything and everything. And it came in buckets. Drove him mad.

Now, I don't feel myself going mad. But, this is a pretty amazing feeling. Does it ever end, I wonder.

Anyway, my point tonight was to give an update on my journal postings. Part 7 was posted just the other night and can be found somewhere below. That leaves Parts 8 - 11. These will be posted in sections. Sometimes two or three at a time depending on the length of each entry. I'm doing this because of one reason: They're good. I swear I think I must hate everything about myself, but Parts 8, 9, and 10 were probably the best I have ever written, or so I've been told. If you've kept up till now, I thank you....and you should be in for some interesting reading. I feel like this all sounds as though I am putting myself on a pedestal.....but I guess I couldn't be more these next posts will show. Enjoy.

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