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give me love
give me hate
give me the things
i want to take
tasting you
the tears in your eyes
tasting your soul
between your thighs
buried in love
borne in sin
a new life for me
shall never begin
to lose you
to love you
to hate you
to break you
to make you bleed
will make me need you
wanting your love
but taking your life
amazing the things
you can do with a knife
i can cut your soul
with words from my lips
i can cut your skin
with my fingertips
i can lose myself
with the love that you give
i cannot control
the feelings within
your eyes seduce me
your skin eludes me
your touch can scar me
your love will harm me
but please don't hurt
this boy inside
he's seeing you
through innocent eyes
you take his breath
he swallows his pride
you take his will
and for you he dies
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