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Bullet To The Brain

A very nice, loud, sonic-boom of a "thud" is the sound my head makes upon thrusting it upwards while under the control board of the studio. I am so very glad that mystery has been solved......Robert Stack can now retire. While, yes, I would have very much liked that to remain a mystery, I couldn't. I just had to know. And I found out today.

Which explains now why I fell to the floor earlier tonight while watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

I remember little, other than that I was laughing very hard at jokes made on the show and everytime I did, I felt the back of my head surge with pain. I threw it off as a headache because, get this...I FORGOT that I banged the ever loving fuck out of the back of my head earlier in the day. Man, Scott, that's like cutting off your arms at the elbows and then going for a glass of Kool-Ade, only to stop just short of knocking over the glass with your nubs and saying with a sigh, "Oh yeah....I forgot about that. Now, where'd I put the bendy-straws?".

So yeah, I started laughing harder and again, thinking it was just a headache didn't worry to much and started for the couch.

Never made it.

I wasn't out long cause "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" was still on. But damn, my head hurt. Still does. I actually got worried that maybe there was internal bleeding, cause it felt like something was sloshing around back there when I moved around.

Gotta give credit to "Whose Line" though......I laughed so hard I passed out.
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