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I just got back from a place I really shouldn't have been, but I stopped by and did grocery shopping on the way home. Picked up a few more DVDs as well while I was there. What with all my equipment I am a sucker for DTS soundtracks on DVDs now. Full fucking experience in home theater sound. THX has nothing on DTS, and I'll prove it to you if you ever make your way through my neck of the woods......

So, more commentary (maybe) on where I was tonight some other time. Point is, already working on a sore throat, I didn't need to be at a place where you had to scream to talk to anyone. But I went.....mainly for a friend.

And now, to wind down at 2:15 in the morning, I'm eating Animal Crackers I got at the store along with some very, very cold milk. Now doubt this will wreak havoc in my sleep tonight. Oh the wonderful dreams I shall have. Maybe even a re-visit to my big-bloated mother/video game dream I had about a month ago. We shall see.
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