AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I think I am getting sick.

I got up in the middle of the night last night with a very sore throat. Felt somewhat better this morning, but it still hurts. My eyes have a very, very slight burn in them. No doubt talking on the air today is doing any of this any good.

Although wanted elsewhere tonight (I think), I may make it a soup and vitamin C night. Which will probably be the case.

Something really got to me today. I went to the mall to pick up some DVDs during my lunch break and I saw this wonderfully beautiful couple sitting at a table just off from the food court there.

He was in the air force as he was in uniform and they were kissing and smiling. Just really cute, make-ya-wanna-puke couple stuff, ya know?

Then I noticed she was in a wheel chair. And not a normal one either. Wasn't some wheelchair a place throws you in till you can move on your own again, this was a wheel chair built for the long haul. Something this woman probably spends the majority of her life in. Then he started feeding her. Apparently a loss of motor skills or use of her arms, hands, or whatever...point was...she couldn't even feed herself. Which probably means he dresses her everyday...helps her to the restroom or whatever.

It just makes me feel as guilty as shit for when I bitch and moan about anything. It also made me stop and think of how much they must love each other.

All those times I would sit and think that I'll never feel love like this again, it gives one hope to see something like that...and how much more important what you already have is to you....even as little as it may seem.

I don't wanna make this entry a fuckin' Hallmark card or anything, but it's kinda what it felt like seeing that. Kinda made me feel as though I would love again, and although it will be nothing like it was before...especially as it was with'll be just as strong...just as real, just as it should be.

~sigh~ I miss her
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