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An Explaination

The majority of the posts you'll see here are journals I've been writing. I continue to write them every chance I get. And while I am at work on journal #11, I will be posting 1 - 10. The reason for this is that these journals tell a story. A story of my life. Now, i don't included moods or music on them because I have no idea what mood I was in during the writing of them at that particular time or what I was listening to. Although, mainly through 1 - 5, I was listening to live shows of U2, while 5 - the present have been all classical of some kind. In between posts I'll stop in and update on smaller things going on here and there. Such as I am doing now:

I feel we all must give praise to the gods of HBO. That network has never been short of quality programming...ever. "Six Feet Under" has been, simply, the best television show I feel I have ever seen in my life. The new season starts up in March, along with a cd of music from the show being released as well. Today at the radio station I work at, I noticed we had gotten in a single from the soundtrack. It contained only 3 tracks, 2 of which were remixes of the main theme with sound bites from the show scattered in the song, while the last track was the main theme itself. Gotta love the perks of working in radio. Back tomorrow with more.
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