AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Wanted: Interior Decorator

I'm willing to hear any and all ideas people may have for my home. I don't really wish for anything permanent as I will probably be moving anyway. You can change damn near anything and everything you want with the house, cept for the theater room. You can mess around with it, but only additions.....nothing in there changes as it is unless you add to it.

The Style: Hallo-fuckin-ween. All year round, but not cheesy stupid shit. More like October all year round. I'm basically giving up on electricity for illumination. I'm going candels......fuck knows I keep it cold enough as is in the place. The heat would be nice for those cold-natured folks who visit. Now, I know the look will be hard with the overwhelmingly white walls that I have, but I am not up for painting again...that fucking sucked the first time around.

The Payment: Well, this one's up for negotiation. I have no idea of the cost of such a thing, but obviously materials comes in to play without does the fact that you can stay at my place as well for room and board and meals being on me of course.

There ya go.........any takers?
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