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Minneapolis firefighter convicted of repeatedly raping girl
Chris Graves
Star Tribune
September 1, 2002

A Minneapolis firefighter has been convicted of repeatedly raping a girl
over a period of more than a year, starting when she was 10 years old. A
Hennepin County District Court jury found Jamahl Lamont Martin guilty
Friday night of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in the rapes of the
girl, who is known to him. He remains in the Hennepin County jail awaiting
sentencing on Sept. 20. Martin, 32, of Minneapolis, who also uses the name
Rabil Jamahl Muhammad, has been jailed since May 8 when he was arrested. He
has not been paid during his incarceration, and the Minneapolis Fire
Department will begin the process that could lead to his firing, said
Assistant Fire Chief Ulie Seal.

The girl told police that Martin raped her every week for at least a year
and forced her to watch homemade videos of him having sex with his
girlfriend and to look at pornographic magazines. The girl, now 12, also
testified that Martin tried to make her drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and
swallow a pill he referred to as Ecstasy. Martin denied the allegations,
saying she made them up.

"He was shocked by the verdict. Stunned," David McCormick, Martin's lawyer,
said Saturday. Martin continues to deny the allegations adamantly and will
appeal the verdict, McCormick said. After Martin was charged in the girl's
rape, he was charged with soliciting sex from a 14-year-old girl and
second-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a 12-year-girl. The jury
reached its verdict at 9:45 p.m. after a three-day trial. Hennepin County
Attorney Amy Klobuchar said prosecutors will ask District Judge Daniel
Mabley to sentence Martin to more than the 12 years recommended by state
guidelines. "These are very difficult cases to prosecute," she said
Saturday. "But his claims of fabrication were drowned out by the victim's
testimony and her detailed and consistent reports to . . . family members,
friends and police." She added: "No 12-year-old girl could make up such a
horrific story."

Seal said that a civil service hearing to determine Martin's job status
will be scheduled and that Martin will have the opportunity to attend it.
After the hearing, Fire Chief Rocco Forte will make a decision on Martin's
job. Said Seal: "Let's just say, we do not have any convicted felons on the
Fire Department."
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