AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Madness In Love

This one......well, I debated on putting this one up or not. It's pretty fucked, but oh am I. Hell, couldn't be any worse than this one.

To break the bone
to rip the flesh
to stab the heart
of tenderness

to break your will
to make you pay
to hurt you
in every way

to make you bleed
to make you cum
to make you cry
there's more to be done

The darkness falls
within my mind
erases all feeling
of any kind

I become numb
to your screams & crys
They only fuel me
to make you die

Watching as
Your face turns blue
I cry a moment
At the look of you

I'm seeing beauty
in the one I am hurting
I can't let go
For fear of the ending

This will make you mine
Our love will be true
You first then me
Oh how I love you
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