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A Poem For......

the house is cold
when your not here
and all my love
turns into fear

where you've gone
and if you'll come back
and then my sanity
begins to slack

i love you so much
and i hope you know
there's nothing i wouldn't do
to let that love show

you mean more to me
than anyone before
just please don't again
walk out that door

within your arms
i belong to you
within my heart
your love stays true

you left me once
and i could not bare
and now your back
yet i'm still scared

if you must leave again
and go out on your own
you're leaving my heart
as cold as stone

brick by brick
the wall builds up
shutting out others
and shutting in love

Umm, this isn't my best and actually has no personal connections what so ever, but I read a lot of journals talking about how they miss the ones they I guess this was for you. If you really want specifics on who the people are that inspired this....let me know.

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