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How Could Beauty Be So Kind......To An Ordinary Guy.

Music is.....simply beautiful.
Music is.....well, whatever you want it to be really.
Music can be the noise in your apartment or house. Music can be the screams of a lover. Music can be anything you make it.
Now, normally I would throw off rap and stuff like that, but well, some people find it beautiful. And why deny them that? I may not agree, but it's still speaking the same language to us both.
Music can, and has, on many occassions made me cry. Sometimes a simple tear...others, flat out balling. It gives emotion and can, at times, release it.
Music can make the worst day of your life just a small bit better.
Music can change the way you feel in a matter of seconds.
Music is so very important, I think, to all of us, in it's own way.
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