AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

They wanna turn my yard into a haunted....something or another for Halloween to raise money for a camp for kids with cancer (the disease I hate most in this world).

I'm letting them. Or well, I'm letting them after I check with my home owner's insurance to keep me from getting in a lawsuit I cannot win and after I check with just a few more neighbors to make sure they don't mind hearing chainsaws and loud, spooky music for a few weekends in the month of October.

Last year, it was "Fright Night" and this year, he wants to call it "Fright Night 2002: Asylum". He is Mike....a guy I met from working at the station and we sponsored his haunted house thing last year rasing money for the same charity. This guy knows how to make these things. We're not talking about a small undertaking here. Once I give him the go ahead, he and his minions will be at my house every weekend till probably mid November from start to finish (start being the beginning of construction and finish being the end of deconstruction).

You bet yer sweet ass I'll have pictures to document from, again, star to finish.
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