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I didn't want to do what I had to do tonight. I honestly never want to do it again. And I wouldn't have done it really, had the man himself not personally asked me to do hime this favor. I am speaking of course of our Saturday night jock who plays nothing but club music (read: booty music [read: mainly rap/R&b/crap]). Keep in mind that I was up late the night before and only had about 5 hours of sleep all day.

My day started with a very awful remote at an apartment complex in the sun. My face is burned. It hurts, actually. The sun drained me really. I got back to the station around two and immediately threw up. Then began work on the mixes for the show that night.....well, just a few of them anyway.

Around 4 I had an on-air shift to do which would lead me right into 7pm and then into Midnight.

By 7:30, I was ready to leave. But I really couldn't just dump it all into the hands of my partner. We were, in a sense, helping each other out with this thing. Leaving him to it all wasn't something I wanted to do. Other friends were there which made it somewhat better to tolerate. Kimberly stopped by, as did Kriss. As midnight came, this little radio show of ours shifted into Plan B. You see, it's somewhat of a two-part show. We do our radio thing till midnight and then go and spin at...well, a bowling ally. Jail bait central is more like it.

The reason for this is, that they do the midnight bowling thing and play club music and that sort of stuff. The jail bait aspect is that almost any woman (or guy for that matter) you meet out there isn't over the age of 18. And that is because they can't get into the other clubs because of their they hang out there. But, I suppose, just as the older ones do, they need a place to go as well.

Plans changed once we got there because certain people didn't show up to do their job. Scrote (the partner) and I were left to fill in the gaps. And we did.

As much as I didn't want to be there. As much as I hated it all. I stayed. I weathered. I did what was expected of me in such a situation. I hate that fact, but I did.

When I drove Kimberly back to her car at the station, it, along with another vehicle, had gotten hit with eggs. We ran some hot water over the spots and then she asked if I would go with her to a self-wash place and get it clean. 3 in the morning and a woman such as herself alone at one of these wasn't something I wanted either. I gladly went with her, and now.......I'm home.
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