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2 out of 3 guys on a Couch....And we're not fuckin gay.

Well, we're only a week away before Evil makes his return to the homeland. Yeah, that was a little over-dramatic.

Well, we're only a week away before boring Ben gets back into boringtown blahsville. There....that's better.

The little fuck was supposed to come a week later than usual, but of course that got changed. I'm getting time off while he's down and me and a few others will be going to Six Flags at some point during that time.

Ben's a good guy who I actually happen to miss from time to time. Mostly, where he's at, is probably for the best for him anyway. Then again, this trip could just be a little bit of a pre-show as he may return eventually.

By the way, ass, what the hell do you look like now anyway? Last I remember you'd blown off shaving before you left.

Anyway, he's staying at the house here...sleeping in my parents bed, which, by the way Ben, is a no-whack zone for you.

We're gonna stay up late, eat ice cream, talk about girls and dates, and go to the mall.........where we will make fun of people who are "different".

Anyway, I'm done now.
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