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On Sunday, my grandmother called.

My grandmother on my father's side.

I didn't answer the phone. I checked the caller ID and let it ring. After a while I thought maybe I should have answered it in case she was in trouble or something. I haven't spoken to the woman in a very long least since my father's funeral anyway. We spoke some afterward, but the most part, she never called, and neither did I.

I'm like that though. Ask any member of my family on my mother's side and they'll tell you that getting information from me is like pulling teeth. I don't call family. I probably should, but I don't.

She left a message on my voice mail. She just asked me to call her. Nothing much else. That side of the family has avoided me. I don't hear from them at all and never got a birthday card or christmas card from any of them that I can remember. And perhaps it's my fault as I don't call. I don't know.

Losing contact with that side of the family probably wouldn't affect me at all, really. My mother's side is a different story, especially concerning my Aunt Margaret. I would not, most likely, exist today and even be writing this had she not been there during my father's death.

I've been to just 2 funerals in my life. The only ones I'll ever go to again would probably be those of extremely close friends or my wife and kids should I ever have those and god forbid should they ever pass before me. I'm depressed again.
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