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So yeah, I have cathing up to do, don't I?

As for the ratings, we did better than I thought even though numbers, for the most part, were down from the last ratings period.

Mornings - We dropped. Our syndicated show had better ratings last period than our live, in-house morning show we run now. From a 4.4 to a 3.2 And yes, our competetion is still kicking our ass in this department.

Mid-Days - We did good here. Our mid-day jock, Nikki, did very well going from a 4.3 to a 7.5 in our target demo and beat our competition in this time slot.

Afternoons - That would be me. I dropped. I went from having an 8.0 to a 6.0. But so did the competition. They went from a 6.0 to a 3.3. I still won.

Nights - We dropped again. He went from a 9.0 to a 6.6. The competition went up from a 2.0 to a 5.6. Still ahead, but not by much.

And that's how the ratings ended up. I'm pleased, myself. I think.
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