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I *think* I wasted my day off yesterday, but the jury is still out on that one. I've come to realize that haveing a day off other than my usual sunday isn't really worth it seeing as that when I do have to work it's only for a live broadcast or a quick on-air shift and then i'm home again.......doing nothing. Although, next Saturday our night jock is taking his vacation so it'll be Scrote & I on the 1's & 2's (is that how it goes?). And I can promise you I will play something other than the booty shit they play every Saturday night. So, if yer out and about next Saturday night from 7 to Midnight...tune us in, give us a call, hell...drop by the damn studio and be on the air with us.

Last night i_hate_it_here was supposed to come by after he got off work, but ended up going elsewhere. About 4 hours later, I get a call from him telling me he isn't coming over. Two burns, from 2 different people in less than 48 hours. Starts to make one wonder just how much he must mean to others. And granted these were not anything to pitch a fit over or something, not like paying $41 just to have yer friends seem to ditch on you only to end up spending time at a bookstore *wink wink*, but it still makes you wonder. Although I am sure whatever he did in the place of coming over was probably more fun or something, again, I dunno. All we do over here is watch TV and play video games....

A call. An invite even would have been nice seeing as Kimberly had already left around 8:15 or so.

Yeah, she came over yesterday and we played "Blood Omen 2" for the rest of the afternoon on into the night. We are very close to finishing the game. After that, we should eb done in just enough time to play "Buffy" on Xbox. We were going to watch a movie, but that would be the other burn I mentioned before. Again, nothing to slit yer wrist over or anything, but oh well, it's probably just me. And again begs the question of just how much do you mean to your friends? Although it isn't something I would really question with those two. I've known i_hate_it_here for near 5 or so years now and pookim21 for about 2 or 3 maybe. I dunno.

Oh yeah, Kimberly got a journal now.....pookim21. Hopefully, it'll be up and running the way she likes in a few days or so.

There's a lot more I want to write about, but I am so behind as it is today on things I need to do, so I'm going to go get started on them. I'll be back later........I love you and you.
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