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My back still hurts. Hopefully the massage tomorrow will help things, but as it is, I am not hopeful...never am really.

The ratings come out tomorrow. That can't help on stress, but I am not too worried. Or maybe I am. I dunno.

Theresa came over tonight......I don't want to go into it. Not tonight. I don't even know why I mentioned it, but I am not going to delete it. I like to keep these pretty honest and as though I were speaking to those reading it (including myself)in person. So, it stays.

Sara as well came over after she left. Sara and all of her 6 months pregnant self. Strange seeing her pregnant.....very strange. She told me of how her mother, while trying to find out who the father was, mentioned that it would have been great if the father was me. Sara said she agreed with her mother.

"But, it isn't me. It was never going to be me. You said so yourself when we were dating, which, by the way, is one of the reasons we seperated. Well...that, and you were seeing someone else at the time, but we never factor him in, do we?"

"No, we sure don't."

I'm glad it isn't me. I'm glad I'm the only guy she hasn't fucked since she started having massive amounts of sex. I dunno why I'm glad on that, but I am. Sara's way too young to be a parent.....both in body and mind. She isn't dumb or anytyhing, but I dunno, she needs more growing up to do and she is about to get it. I wish her the best though, don't get me wrong.

I have a headache......had one since Theresa came over. This weekend off is long overdue. A bullet to the head is long overdue, but that's just a young boy's fancy.

I think me and Kim are gonna watch "Super Troopers" this weekend at some point.
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