AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

My body must be falling apart. I dunno. My back is in miserable shape this afternoon and has been all day. Not to mention this lingering shoulder pain in my right shoulder. Really bad there. You'll see me cringe from time to time just doing normal things. I know Kimberly must have noticed it a little last night.

She came over, by the way. We watched some TV and played "Blood Omen 2". Which was way cool cause there was a slight glitch in the game. None of the enemies ever attacked. They blocked, but never counter-attacked. It was great. I was killing people left and right.

I'm going to work with her sometime soon and set up a journal for her. She needs one. Something to write in, be it just for herself or the world to see....I think she needs a place for those thoughts in her heard. Those things she talks to herself about when she's alone...if she even does that.

Monday night was Dave, last night was Kimberly.....tonight's gonna be pretty dull with no one scheduled to come over. Oh well

I got the weekend off so if anyone is up for anything...let me know.
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