AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Well, I had planned this day since sometime last week and it came. And I went. And I bought......a bunch of DVDs.

Now, they are no where near the calibur of getting the entire first season of "The Transformers", but it was still a good day. Here's what I picked up:

"The Simpsons: The Complete Second Season" - How the fuck could I not get this?

"Mr. Show With Bob & David: The 1st & 2nd Seasons" - HBO shows fucking rule.

"UHF" - Time to drink from the fire hose!!!

"Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan: The Director's Edition" - I am not a Star Trek fan, but the first 3 films were great.

"Blue Velvet" - One of David Lynch's best

"The Boondock Saints" - Nuff me.

"Almost Famous: Bootleg Cut"

"Speed: 5 Star Edition" - I'd rather watch the cast of "The View" in a lesbian orgy with "The Golden Girls" than watch Keanu try to fucking act, but I'll throw this one off as I-bought-it-for-the-extra-shit excuse.

"Fatal Attraction: Special Edition" - Bathtub scene.......

"MST3K: Mitchell"

"MST3K: Hellcats"

"MST3K: The Crawling Hand"

"Top Secret" - Yep....that one. With Val Kilmer.

Impulse Buys:

- "Donnie Brasco" - Depp & Pachino......can't go wrong there.
- "Super Troopers" - Took a gamble on this one.....hope it pays off.

So, that was it for this one. In another 3 months or so I'll go out and do it all over again. I missed "Muppet Treasue Island", "Brain Candy", "Hyperspace", "InnerSpace", & "Traffic: Criterion Collection"....but I'll end up getting them sooner or later.
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