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I'm starting to miss them again. Like, really bad. What I wouldn't give to hear them tell me "goodnight".....

The simplest of things now are so important to me...a touch, a smile, a kiss, a few words...anything, if only for a moment, would be worth all the money I could ever hope to have. It'd be worth anything to have a simple moment...a second of time again with them.

Sometimes I miss them so much, I scream. I cry. I get angry. Sometimes, I just sit, with as many thoughts of them as I can remember running in replay over and over in my head. Is it enough? For a while, is. But not in the long run of things. Not during nights like this. And never when I need them. Nothing is ever enough when I need them.

Call your your dad. Tell them you love them, even if you don't...just do it. If not for you, then please....for me......cause I can't. Please.
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