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Another night of game playing last night that quickly turned into well.....something awful...sorta.

Kimberly and Dave came over and we played "Blood Omen 2" on XboX, which is slowly becoming my favorite of the 3 games we are currently rotating with. The other two, of course, are both on GameCube: "Resident Evil" & "Eternal Darkness". Both of which are great games. Anyway, around 9 or so, Kimberly got a call from the guy she is currently dating and things seemed somewhat rocky on their end. She went back home, nearly in tears....I felt bad for her, honestly. I don't know if she is going to go with me to the Naked Men tonight or not.

Kriss is upset with me, but that may have worked itself out. She came over at 9 to pick up Kimberly cause they were going to go out. I dunno if they did or not what with her problem with Jeff....the guy she's dating.

I met Kriss in of the first people I met there really. It was in the fall of '97 when we met in a sociology class. We've kept touch ever since....and it's only strange cause I'm probably the only guy she calls. I'm not making this up or anything....she doesn't call any other guys...she doesn't have the relationship with them as she does me. Which, I don't know what level of relationship we have, but it's a good one...I'd like to think anyway. So, when she came over last night to get Kim, I went outside with her and tried to talk to her...she was giving me the "cold shoulder", I guess you could say. Ignoring me or whatever....keeping things short. She seemed to come around just a bit before they left, but I dunno. I may see her tonight if she goes with Kim to the Naked Men, but then again....I may not.

After they left, Dave and I watched Henry Rollins on Comedy Central, when, around 10 or so, Kelly came over with her friend Holly and we talked about tonight going to the Naked Men show and all that. Showed her, and Dave some pretty damn embarassing footage of myself shot at a club about a year ago. Then I showed her the music video I made out of about 6 months of footage I shot from the fall of 2000 to spring of 2001....footage of which contained my ass with a smiley face drawn on it. Oh, and I also showed her the "Fuck" tape.

Anyway, so I have the remote tonight at the club for the Naked Men...I'll be there till 9 at the least and probably later. 150 women, 6 male strippers....and me...their cold splash of reality when it's all over. Wish me luck. I'll have pictures later.
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