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Almost There...........

Well, for the most part, the room is complete. Although I still will be adding a nice rug to go in front of the sofa and love seat. There's also some extra work to do now as well, and you'll see that in the pictures.

Here's the "From Hell" poster hanging in between the two rear surround speakers, one of which (the one on the right with all the pillows under it) fell tonight. I was backing away from hanging the poster on the other wall and hit it. I now need to patch up the wall and pretty much re-hang the speaker. All that stuff you see under it is there to take tension off the screw and the wall holding it up. Also of note below is the furniture. That's the leather love seat....and it's the good poofy kind that's like sitting on really soft pillows.

Below is the leather sofa I got, along with the "Fight Club" & "Lord Of The Rings" posters above it. If you look to the far left, you can just barely see "The Exorcist" poster I hung up and in doing so knocked off the speaker from the above picture. Thanks to Kimberly, she suggested I hang it there so it's the first poster you see when walking into my home. Full credit is given to her. She doesn't have an Live Journal.......yet. We're working on that one.

Finally, we have the "E.T." poster centered between the only two windows in the room, now covered with burgandy curtains to keep out more light. For home theaters, Light = BAD!!! Anyway, that's about it. When the posters change, I'll post more pictures, or hell........when anything changes, I'll post more pictures.
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