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This is a long rant/bitch session

So, this is my Monday:

I got up at the ass crack of dawn. Well, 4am anyway. Headed out to work with plenty of time pulled over for speeding about 6 miles from my house. 65 in 45 zone. Well, after that was done with I was now going to probably be late for took the fucker about 15 minutes to write up a traffic violation. I swear I think they get off on pissing people off or something. Anyway, that's probably not true for ever officer out there, but damn it sucked. I knew I was guilty of the violation and I didn't protest or bitch...till now of course. Alot of people at the station seem to think I would have gotten out of it had I told them I worked at the radio station. I hate those excuses, even if they fucking work it pisses me off when people use them. I was speeding, I got caught, write the fucking ticket. Nothing makes me different from anyone else who did the same.

I wasn't late for work...had about 30 seconds to spare which is a lifetime in radio. I knew my shift would last till noon. And 6 to Noon isn't so bad...most of the time. Problem is, one of our staff members is on vacation, so 4 air shifts have to be worked with 3 people. So we go six-hour shifts. Well, our new equipment came in so one of us (The PD) is coming in tonight at 10 to record music into the system to get it all ready...she'll be done around 5am or so...with this batch of songs anyway. She'll do it all again tomorrow night. Anyway, there's no one to come in to cover the Noon - 6pm shift...Scrote's coming back from vacation today, and our other guy is busy with his other job. Who steps up to the plate but my pathetic-walk-all-over-me-never-say-no ass. So, what was a 6 hour shift has become a 9 hour shift in what may end up being a 10 - 12 hour shift as it is now about 10 till 5, and no one has shown up to take my place. I should just start walking in the building bent over with a neon-fucking-sign that says, "Fuck me right in the ass...go ahead, screw me, it's fun."

To aubiered19, well, here's the story on that. Earlier this morning I told her I had mentioned a secret to someone she had told me about a few weeks back. Thinking that I had broken her trust, she seemed half upset, half shocked, half...i dunno...she kept laughing which makes me wonder what the fuck she was thinking. Anyway, Karen, I didn't say anything to him. And that was the big joke. I watched you squirm, it was funny, I'm very mean, as I said before in another post that, contrary to what a lot of people may think, had nothing to do with you or anyone else at the sation..cept for maybe that one guy.....anyway I had my fun, I'm now pissed, and no harm was done to anyone.

With that being said, I am about to fall down asleep while I am on the air....and I don't care. I'll have more later. Actually...I'm writing a letter to someone that I will post later, given that I have time, which, as it seems, I probably will.
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