AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Porno myths

Pornographers have great sex lives

Pornography was invented in 1983 with the advent of home videocassette recorders

You can actually make money writing music for porno movies

You have to be really smart to get into the porn business

Everybody in porn is rich

The porn business is full of runaways and junkies

Porno executives never fuck the talent

Porn offers equal opportunities for blacks

Porn producers are technical professional who really care about the quality of the product they are producing

You never have to blow anybody to get a job in porn

All porn is shot by Hollywood guys on their days off

Lubrication is totally unnecessary for great sex

Foreplay is totally unnecessary for great sex

Great sex is all about dicks

A man would rather cum anywhere but inside a vagina

Squirting is something other than peeing

Most girls will blow you if you just ask them

Girls love having dildoes the size of Buicks rammed up their vaginas

The best way to please a woman sexually is never to touch her vagina or clitoris

Girls love having thingds shoved up their asses

Girls love cum in their eyes

Male porn performers are highly respected members of the porn community

Adult video critics are highly paid professionals

Porno movie critics have sex lives

Women have no pubic hair

The sexiest girls are the ones with the biggest breasts

Silicone implants look just like real breasts

Silicone implants feel just like real breasts

Girls wear high heels to bed

All gay porn actors are gay

All straight porn actors are straight

No one ever smokes pot on a porn set

Spitting is erotic and attractive

Two women having sex together is not homosexuality
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