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This Week's Gonna Fuck Me Like John C. Holmes

Eh well, you get the gist of things.

Chase, the ever so wonderful person that he is (read: Asshole), left on Saturday for a nice week long vacation. Granted, this was all planned before the powers that be decided our building was a good place to play target practice with lightning on, there by fucking up all of our equipment and causing all who work there to do way more than what we're getting paid for, but I digress.

Yeah so he's gone...and he does our morning show. Well....guess who's got the honor of taking his place while he's gone. That's fucking'll be, again, a nice change of pace, kinda. I wouldn't call getting up at 4:30 every morning a nice change of pace, but oh well. I'm going to be very hard to get in touch with this coming week. E-mail is going to be the best possible way to get to me. Fuck the phones, I say.

This has probably been one of the worst posts I have ever written....and while I am on the subject of just rambling........this is a great fucking song that should have been on the first soundtrack they released instead of the second....Craig Armstrong is fucking awesome.
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