AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

So I'm talking on the phone with the woman who got my number off of AOL (I put my phone number in my away messages in the hopes someone will one usually ever does, but here's one of the conversations that occured when someone did). We started talking and she doesn't live far from here. She was very interested in sex....the real kinky kind too. She wanted to come up this weekend so we could "play". She was really interested in the domination/submission thing. Then it got a little strange.

She wanted to drink my blood. Now, razors & blood are fun and all, but I wasn't to up for that, seeing as how we had just met and not even that being that we'd never seen each other (I have since seen a pic of her and she isn't bad at all...great body...personality is seriously lacking though). Anyway, we ended that conversation pretty quick and she called me the next night.

It didn't take long for the conversation to return to the subject of blood drinking. She now said she wanted me to meet other who wanted to "drink from me" and that they would pay a few hundred dollars to do so.

I don't talk to her anymore.
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