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This Is A Test

It's at times like these when I really hate myself for whatever reason, that I figure no one cares to read about it in my journal. Then I realize I just said "my journal" and remember that I created my journal for myself and not with that being said:

If I were anymore of an asshole, I could give myself a rim job by licking my own lips.

If I were anymore of a prick, I could strangle myself and spit jizz. is a day I would just rather I not exist at all.

I was thinking of calling off this Halo party we're having at my place tonight so I could sulk in my hatred for myself, but I actually think that may help a little. I guess we'll see.

I think today that I am just tired of a lot of things. Especially with work. I think it all has to do with work. This job as of late is becoming stale...redundant..same shit, different day type of thing. I don't like that. I love my job, it's one of the easiest things in the world and I have no room for complaint. But I think I am doing way too much for what I am getting paid for. That'll change soon, as I will be cutting back on my workload until something changes in the pay department of things.

Something's not my head or whatever. Mentally, I'm falling apart faster than anyone can tell. The seams of things busted open a long time ago...and I can only hold them together for so long before I give up. And I am about to give up.
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