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Happy Father's Day

I know none of these days were created to hurt anyone or make them feel like shit. But that is what they do to me now. To start out though, they make me remember. Most of all, they make me remember. Remember times and moments when they were alive....either one of them. It also helps me to remember that I will never see them again for as long as I live. I will never again feel what I felt when she held me. Or even more so when he would hold me. That was rare. But it happened. And I have almost lost the memory of how that felt. A trip to the cemetary is how I see them I spend my mother's day & father's day. And their birthdays, and my birthday, and Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and their anniversary.

"And I know it aches...
and your heart, it breaks...
You can only take so much...
Leave it've got to leave it behind.

I can't
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