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Game Over, Buddy.

If your life gets this bad to where you avoid everyone and everything except your computer and to the point where you don't even get up to throw away partially eaten food, then perhaps suicide is for the best in that situation.
That may sound mean, and it's probably intended to...but, I don't really care. When you let something so trivial as a game to lead your life instead of probably don't deserve to live, especially when people try and help. This goes in accordance to alcoholics, gamblers, addicts of any kind almost. When it runs your is no longer your life to run...and the addiction will do what it damn well pleases to your life, be it death or otherwise.

This was probably a good kid...nice upbringing, everything he could want probably...cept there was something inside him. It's no doubt inside all of us, some are able to control it more than others perhaps. Anyway, he lost control of it. The addiction gained control and from then on...his life was gone.

The game didn't do it, he did. His addiction did. If, somehow, he can reflect on this in the afterlife or whatever....I wonder how important that game is to him now.
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