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Well, did some furniture moving today. Solved the problem of the Home Theater placement...yet, I still feel as though I wasted away a perfectly good day off.

That cut down there will take you to before and after pictures of most of what was done today and there's a special bonus picture of how gay I can actually look...without even trying.

This is before in my main entertainment room...the one with that huge ass TV and DVDs I posted in my journal not too long ago.

This is After

This is the loveseat in that same room...the couch above would be just to the left of this picture. This loveseat now replaces the couch in the room with all my computers and video editing equipment.

This is the after picture of the shot above.

All of this change is temporary until the new sofa and love seat arrive. At which time, all those chairs will go back into a room that is never used. Then, everything in the living room will move into the room featured in the pics above and become my Media Library, while the new furniture will go in the Home Theater yeah...more pics are coming later this month.

Here's yer bonus gift. Taken at the station and used at a local CityFest thing here in town. Apparently, the guy who came up with this idea figured people would want pictures of me....and some of them did actually. I hate having my picture taken. And this proves why. By the way, this pic has a time limit of about 24 hours...
The time limit on this pic has expired
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