AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

The Return

So, it's over. My trip out West has come to a close and I've caught some nasty something on the plane ride back. Not sure what it is, but it involves fever (no cowbell), runny nose, and overall body aches.

Still the time spent out there was a fun one. I can't say I really made new friends as much as I met them. Most of us out there already talk on the forums and stuff so seeing each other in person seemed to just feel natural - as though we'd known each other for quite some time already. I liked that.

I was able to play and look at a ton of games. Most noteworthy, of course, is Rock Band. I had sworn off the singing portion of the game and stuck to either, lead guitar, bass, or drums. During the first play session with it, I took the drum route and really liked it. There's problems, but nothing some constant play can't overcome. Fast forward to the next day for the second play session and I'd given up the drums to someone else. I told them I would take guitar or bass, but I don't want to sing. So, while waiting in line, I gave up and took the singing gig. I didn't figure anything of it since I guessed we'd be using one of the satellite stations that weren't hooked up to the big monitor and blaring out the game across the place. Well, I was wrong on that.

We took center stage and I grabbed the microphone and did the best I could. And it was caught on video.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my first YouTube appearance:

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