AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I haven't gone this far out of the state since my trip to Vegas in 2001. Thursday morning I'm flying to Seattle for PAX. I'll be there all weekend and return on Monday, hopefully, just in time for the show that night to talk about the trip.

There's a couple of levels of excitement here. For one, I love to fly and anytime that happens, I usually can't sleep the night before - it's just such a fun thing for me.

Then there's the gaming. PAX is a big ass gaming get-together, with plenty of games on display that aren't due out for months - and the fact that all of us are there under that one glorious roof of commonality, so it's like instant friends (unless they don't like Burnout - they are my enemies).

Finally, the weather. Holy fuck it's hot here. Well into the hundreds. You can't walk around the block, without a change of clothing. Anyway, it's hot here and it isn't there. We've got highs in the triple digits while Seattle sits quite nice in the mid 70s for highs and mid to high 50s for the lows. Fuck that'll be nice.

I'm looking forward to it. Anybody have any games they want me to be on the look out for?
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