AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Odd...I think

Listener reaction seemed to go over pretty well tonight.

The city's having some big festival type thing downtown. So, our station had a booth which we had to be at for the most part. And, like I said, listener reaction was good. Even had these little head shots of ourselves to autograpgh. I was completely against the idea from the beginning, but it seems to have worked okay. I guess. I'll post a pic of mine here soon. When I get the time. Saw a lot of familiar faces there...friends from high school, my ex Brandy (wow, has she changed), even corruptedbride was there. Gave her an autograph as well. Signed a woman's boob too.

But....something still just didn't fit for me. Too many people probably, I dunno.
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