AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

In-Game Chat 6/4 - LIVE TONIGHT!!!

This is it. It's Monday night and, while odd for me to type that instead of the usual "Friday", it's time to wrap up a long week of gaming news and views. We're all hoping that this shift to Mondays may make it easier for more people to listen. We've got plenty of news to cover and we'll go over the releases for this week in both games, movies, and DVDs. Along with all of that, we'll still be taking your calls, questions, and comments.

It's episode 18 of "In-Game Chat".

The show starts at 7:06pm Central tonight. It'll be 3 hours with talk of games, gadgets, movies, and all things geek along with your calls.

If you'd like to listen, point the ol' browser to:

Once there, click on the listen live link that is on the left of the page. Or, you can just paste this link into your media player:

If you'd like to be a part of the show, give us a call: 334-272-9228

And don't forget to join us all in the chat room tonight:

As always, thanks for listening. And thanks as well for all the support.
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