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Right now, I'm sitting and waiting for the only computer capable to do what I need.

What I need is to look at the music log for tomorrow and make sure everything is as it should be and make it so if it is not.

And by everything, this is what I mean:

It was decided on Monday that our classic rock station would play it's entire library of songs from "A" to "Z". We've done this once before, about 2 years ago. Anyway, I first had to sort the song log alphabetically. The program that does this is very particular about the way things are input into it's database. A song written in all-caps is different from a song NOT done that way. So all the "A"'s that were all-caps would be sorted and then it would sort the "A"'s that weren't. That didn't take too long to do for all 26 letters of the alphabet.

Once that was done, we couldn't tell the program to schedule that way, so then it was a matter of entering EVERY song into each clock for every day. Something to keep in mind is that our library consists of 13,039 songs. I REALLY need you to read that again and maybe a third time. Now, along with everything else I do here that has also consumed my days.

Everything has been done on that side of things. Everything is seemingly ready to go for tomorrow at Noon when this thing kicks off.

EDIT: It's about 10 till 6 right now and I just got done doing what I was waiting to do at the beginning of this entry. Now I go around and finish up a few things I couldn't get done today because I was working on this.

I was able to voice track my night shows for tonight, tomorrow night, and Monday night. I still have to go and do the weather reports for those last two nights, I also have to set up a morning talk show to air on Monday. It's a repeat, but today I went through and got the audio from a previous show and then took out all the commercials for it and saved those in individual parts. I'll need to enter them into the system and, sometime tomorrow afternoon, hand place them where they should go for Monday morning.

It's a lot of shit, and even more that I've left out in this rant, but seeing as I still have more to do, I need to go and get it done.

I'm tired. And not in the sleepy sort of way.
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