AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

After what seems like a long life of 1 year and 5 months, I came home yesterday afternoon to dead Xbox 360.

Three flashing red lights, and it was all over. I called tech support as I'm supposed to. They went through some fixes with me - none that worked - and then went about getting me ready to send it back so they could repair it.

But warranty has expired. I was then told I would have to pay to ship it to them, pay to have it fixed, and pay to have it shipped back to me. I'm not so sure it's worth the trouble. A friend of mine who does the show on Friday nights with me is pretty good and working on these home consoles. He repaired them for a living at one time and seems to think he can fix mine. Well, him cracking open the console will void the warranty, but having none to begin with kinda helps in that decision. So, yeah, I'll let him look at it and if that works, great, and if not, well...I guess I'll just enjoy the stories I hear from them on the show on Friday nights.
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