AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Richard Jeni - Dead At 49

How I wish that was a title to a new stand-up special for the guy, but it's not.

It looks to be suicide.

I was a fan of Richard's since his stand-up specials back on Showtime. And after that, I was hooked. Followed his career through the HBO specials and then his small stand-up stuff for Coke that you'd see run before films in the late 90s.

I haven't really collected my thoughts on this whole thing. I'm sad as all fuck because of it though. In the world of Comedy, he was my U2 - if that gives you any idea on how much I liked the guy. I guess I'll just leave with some links:

Collected quotes from Wikipedia

YouTube - Jeni on PMS & Boobs - 6:00

YouTube - Jeni on Politics - 3:00

YouTube - Jeni On Martha Stewart - 2:30

YouTube - Jeni on Jaws 4 - 4:00
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