AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Mencia Vs. Rogan - Update

Joe Rogan stirred some shit. And Mencia's pull is biting Joe in the ass.

From Joe's Blog:

The aftermath of the video of me clowning Carlos Mencia and exposing him for being a joke thief released its havoc on the internet like a tidal wave of exposure and comic justice.
Unfortunately, it also got me banned from the club.

I got a call from Mitzi Shore the owner of the comedy store yesterday, and she wanted to hear my side of things. I told her what happened on Saturday night with the whole Carlos thing, and she told me that she would try to work it out. She called me back today to give me a spot tonight at 10pm, and said that Carlos and I would just have to avoid each other around the store.
She asked me what times I wanted to go on stage this weekend, and I said as long as I got on before Carlos I didn’t care. I said thank you, and hung up. Then I get a call from Tommy the manager of the club an hour later. He told me that “they” had decided I needed to “take a break” from the store, and that Carlos was physically threatened by me, and worried about me being around. That, and they’re upset at me for putting the video up on the internet because they had asked me to stop filming my internet reality show “the JoeShow” at the club. They also said that Carlos apologized for the weekend, and said that they could advertise that he would be performing there this weekend.

So, on top of this, Joe's agent dropped him as well:

My agent from the Gersh agency, who is the same guy that represents Carlos, spoke to me on the phone today. He told me that he was being "put in the middle of this thing, and forced to make a choice." He said that Carlos wanted to get on the phone with me and end this once and for all, and get this... wanted an apology. If I didn't do this, he wanted the Gersh agency to either drop me, or he would leave them.

I told them that was fucking hilarious, and said that it's been fun working with them. The fact that they would even consider asking me to do something like that meant I was going to leave them anyway, but the sheer stereotypical "hollywood" nature of conversation actually fucking shocked me.

Now can you IMAGINE if I was a young, struggling comic and all this shit went down? THAT is the really ugly part of it.
Now you know why people don't speak up about this shit.

Hollywood eats it's young.
At least the Gersh agency does.

What a fascinating, and intriguing life this is turning out to be.
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