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Are You A Writer? Listen Up

Not sure how many people reading this will be interested, but I thought I'd throw it out there as it's opportunity, and everyone needs to hear it knock once in a while.

Permuted Press and Kim Paffenroth are pleased to announce open submissions for our latest zombie anthology, tentatively entitled History Is Dead. The premise for this collection: We love seeing or reading about zombies taking headshots from the absolute latest in police and military weaponry. We love seeing people fight and survive in familiar settings – the mall, the high school, Pittsburgh, Yonkers, downtown Manhattan. But, it's kind of been overdone. Most all zombie fiction and movies are set in the modern world, and most of those in the U.S.A. So what we're proposing is a collection of zombie short stories, set in some other historical period, especially if they're also set in another geographical locale.

What we're looking for: zombie stories set sometime pre-20th century. Use your imagination. Biblical, Roman, Medieval, or the Old West all come to mind, as well as non-Western settings like samurai fighting zombies, or hordes of zombies crashing into the Great Wall. Crossovers with other monsters usually don't thrill Kim, though he'll try to keep an open mind. Though Kim is partial to "Romero" zombies (i.e. slow and caused by plague), he is open to other speeds and other causes of the monstrosity.

What else: Character-driven stories. We can't say this enough. If the seed of your idea is how cool it would be to kill zombies with halberds or catapults, or pour boiling oil on them and then set it alight – well, that's a fine place to begin. But, if that's all you got, I think we'll pass. We have to care about the people in the story; mega bonus points if we even care about the zombies as well.

Word count: Approximately 3-8k. No flash, nothing over 10k.

Reprints considered: Yes

Read Time: As quick as possible for rejections. If we like it and keep it in the running, you'll probably have to wait all the way till the deadline to know for sure.

Payment: $25 + contributor's copy.

Submissions: By email attachment to Please make sure your manuscript is in MSW (.doc), 12 pt. Times Roman, double spaced, 1" margins all around. Put "zombie submission" in your subject line.

Deadline: May 25, 2007




By the way, in case of any confusion, you keep the rights to whatever you wrote. You are only allowing them to publish it, but the work is still owned by you. Also, they pay you $25 pay them nothing. I know nothing about the publishing world or really anything having to do with any of this, so if some of you do and see red flags popping up - SPEAK THE HELL UP and let us know. Also, if it's all on the up and up, as I think it to be, I know $25 isn't much, but then again, you don't do something like this for what they are paying, it's more the offer of just getting published. Anyway, if you plan on doing this, let me know, okay.
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