AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

So yeah, wrestling.

I'll just put that there so you know where you stand with the rest of this post. Cause honestly, that's all it has to deal with.

Tuesday night. ECW.

I TiVo my wrestling so I can skip the bullshit - I know, there's bullshit in wrestling, you don't say? Well, I do say. Cause there's truckloads of bullshit in wrestling. I can take a 2 hour program and narrow it down to a good 30 to 45 minutes. With ECW being an hour, I only get about a good 15 to 20 minutes of non-bullshit.

So I get to the main event and already I am asking myself, "Why the fuck am I watching Ric Flair and Paul Wight on goddamn ECW?" I mean, it was bad enough that the crowd there pretty much sucked (compared to last weeks), but then I get this as a main event. I had written off the match before it even began.

So, I'm watching, and it's your typical Paul Wight match. I mean, the fucker is a goddamn giant among men. And his matches tend to go the same way. He beats you up, and you kinda beat him up. He does his drunk guy impression of trying to stand up while the other guy does his best to take him down - blah blah blah.

Then it changed. Holy fuck did it change. I wish I could find pictures of how it changed, but for now, my words will have to do.

Flair had already taken a cut in the head earlier in the match, so he was pretty bloody to begin with. Then later on, he pulled out this garbage can full of shit. A metal folding chair, the can itself and a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. He used the baseball bat first. Now, I give it to them that I don't ACTUALLY know if that is barbed wire or just a nice prop to imitate it. Regardless, if it is supposed to look like barbed wire, it's got to do the damage of it. So needless to say Big Show (Paul Wight) had to take some damage of his own. He took a cut to the head as well, although there were some shots I saw where it looked like he was cutting himself for the effect. It worked, and now both men were wearing blood masks.

Flair has been bloody before. So has Paul. It was nice to see them go this extra mile for the ECW fans - then they went a bit further.

You gotta understand that seeing this from any of the other ECW guys wouldn't make that big of an impression on me since they usually do this sort of shit day in and day out. They signed up for it knowing what was to come. Not the case with Flair and Show...they didn't have to take these steps, and even if they did, they didn't have to take the next step coming up.

Thumb tacks. Flair had a bag full of them and spread them on the floor. Now, I'll give them that they can pull this off with just some shiny shit and tell us otherwise, but the camera got a nice shot of them. They were real. And they stuck to these guys. Flair had them in his fucking knee for fuck's sake. At one point after the match, you could see one stuck in the back of his head. Not in his hair, mind you, but in his fucking head.

It was an ECW match and well, it saved the fucking night is what it did.

A fucking bloody pulp of a 57 year old man still doing his thing.
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