AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Dial Idol

I've mentioned this site to a few of you, but you never seem to remember so I thought I'd make it easy on you. There's a program there you can download that will use your modem to dial in votes for you. I don't use it, but I mention it because it relates to what I DO use at that site which are the predictions. Based on the dialing program, it measures the busy signal of the people being called and bases a prediction on those numbers. The higher the busy percentage, the least likely that person is going to be voted off.

For about a month now they have nailed their predictions with the bottom 2 people and for a few weeks in a row, they actually predicted who'd be going home.

However, since American Idol does not release ANY information on votes, they can really pick whoever they want to win this thing. But, you know, go on and keep beLIEving you actually have a say in any of it.
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