AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I want to talk about games. Well, not really so much as games, but rather a game. Now, you're probably wondering where the pics are and the links and lj cuts and shit like that, but Not this time.

The game is called LocoRoco. Now, I dunno if it's two words or one, but oh well. Google accepts either. Describing this game is like trying to explain to someone how to play Katamari Damacy.

It's odd. Just. Plain. Odd.

And it's only for the PSP right now. Which is a shame because that means a lot of you will miss out on it. However, if it does as well as I think it will do once it's finally released here in the states, then I'd be surprised if they didn't port it over to the console.

It's only available in demo form at the moment.

And again, I stress, it's odd. If you can go back to when you first put Katamari in your PS2 and saw all that shit on the screen coming at you - the ducks and dude on guitar and all that - you'll get the same feeling playing LocoRoco. It's like if they made Transformers for girls. Like, strictly a line of the Transformers specifically for girls to play with. But yet, you being a guy and having that special love for Transformers, you still wanna see what it's all about. Everything is there from the guy side - they're robots that change into some kind of vehicle or aircraft - cept they're pink, or for girls somehow. You like playing with them, but you really shouldn't - cause they were made for girls.

I dunno, maybe that's stretching it a bit.

Next time you're around, remember to ask me about it and I'll show it to you. The game, I mean. Not my girl Transformers.
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