AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Haven't posted much recently. Haven't had much reason to, I suppose. Took care of a puppy last week. Kinda glad he's gone. He belongs to the owner of the company and as a thank you, he's arranged something for me and flying. I think it's a flying lesson actually.

I've been sick the past week. Just now getting around to being done with that as well, but it still lingers - the snot that is. Tons of it.

Been reading about opening day over at Six Flags. Apparently, that's the best day to go. Rides were walk-on for the most part. The staff was friendly and energetic. Tons and tons of characters in costume roamed the park - even to the point of a Batman & Robin roaming the Gotham section and really playing it up. Makes me more excited to attend the media day event on the 30th.

Ugh...sorry for the shitty post. I'll try and come up with something that's a bit more worth your time later.
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