AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Well, I'm doing the talk show again from 3 to 5 this afternoon (central time). I've actually fleshed out a show, from what I can tell or at least attempted to. I could use calls though considering most of the listeners are in their 60s and have no clue what I talk about when I bring up movies I just saw or whatever the hell else is going on with current event of pop culture. I won't bring up politics and the like, but if the callers do, then so be it. I'll go as far as I can on the subject - whatever it may be. However, that can all be helped by you.

You can listen live at

There's a link on the left to click on to hear the streaming feed. I'll give out the local and 800 number pretty often during the show so please call in if you have anything to add. I will be talking about some local stuff going on so if yer out of town listening, you may have no idea or input as to what I'm talking about, but if anything does come up that you can add to, in.
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