AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

-Sitting here at work eating baby carrots (made with real babies), in a cup full of fat free ranch dressing (with beacon).

-Nothing too interesting going on. I suppose it's just another week of another month in another year.

-I want to film myself playing Guitar Hero. But not me when I'm goofing off being all rock star-ish - quoting lines from Back To The Future; doing the Chuck Berry hop; and whatever else I do when I goof off with that game. I want to film my finger work on the neck with the fret buttons. Cause I'll see those notes fly by and be amazed when I don't miss any of them. And then I wonder what the hell my fingers just did cause I think back and figure that I'll never do that again. Then I do.

-Someone made some popcorn here at the station and that shit stinks up the place when they do. I suppose to most it doesn't bug them, but when you worked in a movie theater for 4 years, you tend to hate that smell.

-Distraction starts again on Comedy Central tonight. That was a fun show to watch last year.

-Beauty & The Geek starts again this week sometime and that was one of the better reality game show thingys on last year as well. Good to see it return.

-NBC/Universal HD has been broadcasting Knight Rider. In HD. To some of you, keep reading. To others, just breathe deeply and remain calm. I know how it is. I got insta-rection (the point at which you are so stimulated/excited by something that your dick/nipples pop out instantly and without warning. There is also insta-gush and women probably know what that implies). Man, just watch out if they ever show Quantum Leap on that channel.

-I bought the soundtrack to Bad Boys off Ebay. Well, it isn't the soundtrack, it's the score. I also bought the score to The Goonies. It came with the score to Harry & The Hendersons which isn't a bad buy at all to me. Missed out on the 2 cd special edition of the Transformers Movie soundtrack. Not that I need more Stan Bush in my life, but it was a whole lot more than that.

-Trying to change up the posters in the movie room. Got nothing but the Sin City posters up, but I am thinking about going with the upcoming Summer films. I already have Superman and X-Men 3. Plan on getting the Pirates sequel and that leaves me with 2 empty poster frames and I dunno what to put in them. If a teaser poster for the Transformers film would come out, I'd use it, but I don't think we'll see that till probably fall or winter.

-I bowl now. Anyone know about that? I bowl. In a league. Every Friday night. Plan is this weekend to bowl with the group. Dana got us all bowling shirts with our bowling names on them. Mine is Reverend.

-I'm ordained. Remember?

-I watched that "Daniel" show on NBC. Amazingly enough our local affiliate carried the thing. Not sure it was worth it though. Kind of a dull show to me. Although the guy playing Jesus is a favorite of mine. Fucker's been on tons of shows I watch here lately. They should award him an emmy for Best Use Of An Actor in Multiple Series. Anyone who can put "played the guy who shot Wild Bill, a guy who slit the throat of whores, and Jesus Christ" on a resume should get an award. In my book anyway.

-If our talk station were to air a computer/video game/geek shit talk show program and broadcast it over the internet, would you listen?

-I've been done with my carrots now for about 30 minutes. Guess I should wrap up lunch and get on with my day. It's the fun of my job. I show up, but what goes on during the day is anyones guess. It isn't like I have a schedule to maintain. I mean, stuff comes up, but it gets done and then I wait for other stuff to come up for me to do. Sometime it does. Sometimes it doesn't. It's filling the time in between that's the challenge of the day. And I get paid for it. Not a bad gig.

-If I was ever given enough money and the right equipment, I'd blow yer goddamn mind with a 30 minute action sequence free of "bullet-time" and CG.

-I haven't watched "Iron Giant" since 2003. I'm a bit overdue on that one. Maybe sometime this weekend.

Thanks for reading.
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